About KLU

Standing aloof, with a picturesque background adorning the green colours of the nature with its high raised buildings is the Koneru Lakshmaiah University, known for its unique style of education blended with culture. The campus has been aptly named "Green Fields" and the splendid avenue of trees and gardens bear testimony to the importance of ecology and environment providing the solace for scholastic pursuits. This university is the hub of knowledge fused with research experience. The life within the campus is filled with boisterous activities apart from academics. This apt encouragement resulted in students bringing laurels and fame all over. All students are given industrial exposure and made to interact with entrepreneurs and industrialists.


SAMYAK is the biggest techno-management fest in all of Andhra Pradesh, which sees a confluence of students from all over the nation. This provides an avid opportunity for students to show their technical and cultural expertise and a platform to learn through practice. Filled with colours, painting the skies with fun and frolic, this two-day fest drives home lessons of social responsibility apart from technical knowledge. One can witness the sun rise beautified with technical workshops setting away with awe and exuberance silencing after cultural extravaganza. Now walking into its ninth year, this fest is all set to enthral and captivate with all its prominence.


“The best way to create future is to design it.”
A smart city gives you the exact gist of communication infrastructure between traditional and modern development which offers you a high quality life, with a wise management of natural resources by participatory action of today’s young generation. Building smart cities is an urban development vision to integrate technology in a secure fashion to manage the city’s asserts. It focuses on their most pressing needs and the greatest opportunities to improve lives. The purpose of the Smart Cities Mission is to drive economic growth and improve the quality of life of people by enabling local area development and harnessing technology, especially technology that leads to Smart outcomes. Area based development will transform existing areas (retrofit and redevelop), including slums, into better planned ones, thereby improving liveability of the whole City. New areas (greenfield) will be developed around cities in order to accommodate the expanding population in urban areas. Application of Smart Solutions will enable cities to use technology, information and data to improve infrastructure and services. Comprehensive development in this way will improve quality of life, create employment and enhance incomes for all, especially the poor and the disadvantaged, leading to inclusive Cities. The battle for the life on earth will be won or lost in cities, so smart cities is one such way to win the battle.