Non-Technical Events

Multiplayer combat with a maximum of 8 players connected to local Wi-Fi using mobiles for IOS and ANDROID.

Online battle tournament conducted using mobiles for IOS & ANDROID. It is an arena game with a maximum of 8 players connected to local Wi- Fi using laptops.

Online shooting game with a maximum of 10 players connected to local Wi-Fi using laptops.

Online car racing game with a maximum of 20 players connected to local Wi-Fi using laptops.

One-on- one fight game. Three rounds conducted using consoles and TV monitor.

A game in which players search for hidden objects by following a trail of clues and have to take a selfie with the whole group.

A game or mind sport, in which the players attempt to answer questions correctly.

A game in which arranged set of cardboard boxes should be hit with the help of a ball.

Players take turns removing one block at a time from a tower constructed of 54 blocks. Each block removed is then placed on the top of the tower creating progressively taller and unstable structure.

A game in which two tables will be placed in a straight line and a table should consist of around 9 glasses containing water to the top. The player should stand at a specific distance from the table and throw a ball in such a way that it should bounce on the first table and then be placed in any of the glass containing water.

A Bubble is blown and then it is passed through a ring which is placed at a distance from the starting point. This bubble will be passed by the participant and they must blow the bubble and pass it on while making sure the bubble has not popped.

Participant gets to bat for two overs in the provided limited area. An additional over is awarded if the participant manages to beat the existing high score.

Two participants will be given two cars and a track will be provided. The participant whose car reaches the finish line first will be the winner.